International Festival


This November saw the exciting launch of an inclusivity and cultural enrichment initiative; the International Festival. The festival comprised of a week-long programme, designed to celebrate the diversity of our Cornwall campuses and enrich student experience, whilst offering opportunities to encourage Home students to seek out an international experience beyond the parameters of our Cornwall campuses.


On Tuesday 14th November, The Study and Work Abroad Fair took place in the Compass, wherein returning students from study abroad shared experiences, opportunities for studying and working abroad were explained, and the application process made transparent. There was a fantastic turnout- the Career-Zone clicking-in a minimum of 361 students. The Exeter Panel, in the Exchange Yellow, 12-1pm, provided opportunity for students to listern to returning students talk about their study and work abroad experiences, which was opened up to direct questions at the end of the event.


Wednesday 15th November marked a day of ‘FXU Celebrations’, held on Penryn campus. This included opportunity to meet the international Society, to find out about what they do and how to get involved. An International Sports programme was provided throughout the day, including a Football World Cup, which took place in the Sports Centre at 2-4pm. The celebrations ran into the evening, where an International Quiz was held in the Upper Stannary, giving students an opportunity to test their International knowledge in a fun environment, and compete for prizes.

“I really liked hearing people's stories from both Universities.”
Year 2, English

On Thursday 16th November, an exhibition was held in the lower courtyard on the Falmouth Campus, displaying the wonderful entries from the International festival competition “What does it mean to be international?”. Falmouth third year students were also invited to an event wherein the details of Placement Abroad were presented, in Lecture 2 at 1-2:30pm.


The International Festival was brought to a close, culminating with the Internationally accredited ‘International Students’ Day’. The final event of the week, ‘International Stories’, was held in the Exchange Green seminar space on Penryn Campus, from 1-3pm. Students were welcomed to have a taste of British culinary heritage- enjoying an offering of a free cream tea, whilst being inspired by the experiences of students who have studied abroad. This event also provided attendees with insight on what it is like to be an International student, from EAP (English for Academic Purposes) Students currently living and studying in Falmouth. The library also collaborated with a display, and the FXU provided Cornish postcards to send home for free- a personal touch to end a week of enriching celebration Internationality.



The international Festival was particularly impressive given that the week of events in their entirety were organised within only a few weeks, having developed from an idea to celebrate International Students’ Day on the Friday, and with no budget to speak of. The success of the event is testament to a fantastic collaboration between all four partners on campus (University of Exeter, Falmouth University, FXU and FXPlus).

“Very riveting and inspiring, very helpful, helped me de-stress while listening and has increased my interest in seeking out an international student experience even more.”
Year 1, Animation

The International Festival was well-received by many students, including a number of our international students on campus, and students who showed interest in studying abroad at some point during their time at our University of Exeter Penryn and Falmouth University campuses. This will undoubtedly result in more students deciding to study abroad, and an increased understanding of the process for those interested or involved. Students who attended these events have a new level of insight on international diversity, inclusion and international cultural experiences.

“I love these kinds of events because you always discover aspects that you hadn't thought of before.”
Year 2, English

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International Festival Programme 2017


Internation Festival