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Event Breakdown

On the 14th November 2017, Exeter students were given the opportunity to pitch at the first ever SU Dragon’s Den: by being involved in the event, each participating society group received financial support from The SU to facilitate the project at hand. The evening started with an introduction to the Dragons: Kim Conchie (Chief Executive of Cornwall Chamber of Commerce); Dean Pomeroy (President Exeter); Jo Downie (Director, Wolfrock Marketing) and Antonia Coppen (Curriculum and Work Related Learning Officer). Students pitched in front of a live audience, who participated directly by voting using hand-held electronic voting pads. The pitches were each uniquely strong in their own right, scaling from an idea for a collaborative film festival, to an intricately designed, purpose-made networking tool: the ‘networking notebook.’ The audience arrived on mass and supported the students’, attentively listening to the inspiring ideas.

“We thought we would be thrown in the deep end, but they were really supportive... we have big plans for the future”
President of Wild Doc Soc Society


“I was very impressed with the range of projects and the confidence of the students involved. The FXU Dragons Den really gave me confidence in the next generation of entrepreneurs.”
Chief Executive, Cornwall Chamber of Commerce

The impact is primarily twofold- the academic societies involved in the process received funding in support of their projects, which will in turn enhance links with employability. As the projects themselves unfold, the produced outcomes- and the process themselves - will act as physical manifestations of how Dragons' Den has been a hugely successful and enriching project. The personal development for participating students is also evident.

“To put it simply, hard work pays off.”
President of Model United Nations Society
“I think the experience really boosted my confidence in not just public speaking, but public critiquing and assuring myself in my role as a leader and expert.”
Dragon, FXU President Exeter 2017/18

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Dragons' Den