Christmas at the Chaplaincy

Event Breakdown

On Christmas Day, Sunday 25 December 2016, the international students committee, along with Chris Slesser, FXU, the campus Interfaith Chaplaincy, the library and the widening participation team came together to welcome students to a day filled with Christmas activities, including a traditional Christmas meal.

“I enjoyed every bit of it as it really felt like a home away from home (home being on the other side of the planet!).”


This event was overwhelmingly successful in its creation of a sense of belonging for those who were present on Campus over the Christmas period. The group who attended the event included international students, care leavers and post-grads. In addition to creating an intimate, welcoming familial environment, encapsulating the true spirit of unity at Christmas, by bringing together these diverse groups in an inclusive space created bonds between the people who came to the event. This lead on to the students taking it upon themselves to organize a follow-up event on New Years’ Day, proving its success in bringing people together at a time which could easily be very lonely if there wasn’t such a welcoming place to go to.

“There are support systems present annually—the university just doesn't stop at Christmas time.”
FXU President Falmouth 2017/18

Alongside the sense of community and belonging established by the event, the very specifically British nature of a Christmas-focused event acted as a really accessible form of education in the British system of festive traditions for those who had perhaps never experienced Christmas celebrations first-hand. 

“I am pleased to say, some of us from the group have spent New Year's Eve together, and again, it was a magical night!”

More Info

If you wish to visit the Chaplaincy: On the Penryn Campus, the Multifaith Chaplaincy is located at Cottage 8, Tremough Barton Cottages (down the lane past the Sports Centre). On Falmouth Campus, there is dedicated space within Kerris Vean (The red-brick building on Woodlane).

The chaplaincy is open for students of all faith, and welcomes all for prayer, meditation, reflection, peace and quiet or for general spiritual or pastoral needs. For further information, you can contact the chaplaincy via email:

If you have any ideas, suggestions, or enquiries, pop in to the FXU office and speak to our Student Widening Participation Assistant.