FXU Top 10 Priorities 2015/16 Impact Report Videos


In 2015 the FXU Presidents produced a Top 10 Priorities document that guided their work over the year. At the end of the 2015/16 academic year we asked them to film a short summary of the impact they made including the successes they achieved and the barriers they faced. Check out video links below to find out more!


FXU Top 10 2016-17


Links to our Impact Report Videos

Use the links below to view the impact videos for the Top 10 priorities 2015/16

FXU Impact Report 2016: Priority #1 Accommodation from FXU on Vimeo.

Priority #2 Disabled Students Allowance

Priority #3 Postgraduate & International

Priority #4 Better Academic Practice

Priority #5 FXUnity

Priority #6 Mental Health Support

Priority #7 Financial Transparency

Priority #8 Sustainability

Priority #9 Facilities, Space & Resources

Priority #10 Employability


If you would like more info about our Top 10 Priorities, pop into the FXU Office and have a chat with your FXU Presidents or email studentvoice@fxu.org.uk