FXU President Exeter By-Election 2018


What is the role of FXU President Exeter?

This is a full time paid (£19,850) job role for 12 months representing the views and opinions of all university of Exeter Cornwall Campus students.

 Click here for a full job description 



Why is the position vacant?

View our FXU Official Statement.


Why has the second place candidate not been given the role?

Our governing document outlines how we must run our elections and in this scenario (before the start of the academic year) we must follow the process to run a by-election.

From FXU by-laws:

6.1 In the event of the resignation, disqualification or removal of a Sabbatical Officer before the start of the academic year, a by-election shall be held to fill the vacancy provided there is sufficient time for a full election process to be completed. A final decision on holding by-elections will be at the discretion of the FXU Elections and Democracy Committee.

6.2 In the event of the resignation, disqualification or removal of a Sabbatical Officer after the start of the academic year, the elected post will remain vacant until the next scheduled election for Sabbaticals for the following academic year.


Who is eligible to stand?

All current students studying at the University of Exeter. Cornwall Campuses are eligible to stand.

  • If you are mid-way through your studies you will take a year out to work for FXU then go back to your degree.
  • If you are graduating then you can take up the role for 12 months.


When would i need to decide by?

Anyone considering standing for the role of FXU President would need to complete an online nomination by Midday Friday 1st June.

Click here to nominate yourself

We would encourage you to upload a manifesto before voting opens so that voters can decided if you are the best candidate for the role.

Key dates are:






Midday 25 May - Midday 1st June

Campaigning & Voting


Midday Monday 4th June – Midday Friday 8th June


Election Results


4:30pm Friday 8th June


Start as FXU President!


Monday June 18th  9am



What support is available?

We’re offering lots of support for any students thinking of standing for election. FXU staff are available to chat and answer any questions that you might have on what to expect from the job.

Email: elections@fxu.org.uk with your contact details and we will get in touch.

Our current FXU Presidents are also happy to answer questions relating to the day to day activity, details of the role, working environment, creating a manifesto, campaigning or anything else you might want to ask.


FXU President Team 2017/18

Dean Pomeroy  FXU President Exeter

Harry Bishop FXU President Community & Welfare harry.bishop@fxu.org.uk

Jamal Clarke FXU President Student Experience jamal.clarke@fxu.org.uk

Chris Slesser  FXU President Falmouth


What if I’m on holidays?

If you are on holiday you can still stand for election! You would just need to send us a phot and manifesto for the website and contact us so that we can advise you on how to participate in any promotional activity.


Can I stand for election if I am not on campus?

YES absolutely – we would encourage any eligible candidate to stand and will support you through the process regardless of where you might be in the world. The election will be conducted online and video / LIVE streaming can be used to highlight candidates and their manifestos.


Advice sheet:

Posters – FXU will not be printing any posters during the by-election however if you did want to display campaign posters on campus you can do so as long as you adhere to the rules outlined in the election pack.


Hustings/promotional events – FXU will host a candidate question time during election week as follows:

Tuesday 5th June
Exchange Lecture Theatre,
 Penryn Campus
2pm – 3pm

  • This event will be LIVE streamed so that students can watch it back on social media throughout the week
  • If candidates are not on campus they will be able to Skype in or have a representative from your campaign team to attend on your behalf.


How to campaign remotely

Candidates emphasised the importance of social media during recent elections and we have the following top tips:

Campaigning online MUST only start when voting opens 10am Monday June 4th

  • Create a facebook group and invite voters to join to find out info on why you are the best candidate
  • Use video to communicate and keep your audience engaged
  • Remind voters to go online and VOTE by directing them to the voting page


What should I include in a manifesto?

  • Who you are
  • What you intend to do should you get elected
  • How you would go about your role
  • Why people should vote for you.

Find out more about manifestos here. 

 We would recommend contacting a member of FXU to discuss your ideas to ensure they are realistic – email: elections@fxu.org.uk or drop into the office any time.


Campaign Team

Delegating tasks is really useful, consider:

  • Who can help with the design & look of your manifesto/campaign materials to ensure a clear message?
  • Can someone monitor your social media?
  • Who would be good to help you with videos?
  • Is there someone who can attend the candidates question time on campus to represent your campaign if you can’t be there?