Falmouth Course Rep



The Course Reps are vital in making sure the student voice is heard at every level of the University decision making process! Elected by students, Reps work in partnership with the Sudents' Union, the University and the students they represent to make sure the University environment is constantly evolving and shaping in response to your feedback.

The Students’ Union (SU) Course Representatives are the foundation of student representation, promoting a partnership between students, academic staff and SU. Assuming the role of market researcher within their cohorts, they ensure the student experience of their peers is authentically represented throughout the course of their studies.


Term of Office

One academic year



Provide students with opportunities to give feedback on all aspects of their experience such as:

  • Learning and Teaching
  • Assessment and Feedback
  • Learning and Community
  • Employability
  • Campus Facilities
  • Wellbeing & Support
  • Actively promote the representative work of the SU to your peers
  • Log all feedback with ROS (Rep Online System)
  • In the first instance, seek to informally resolve issues with the appropriate staff (see key contacts)
  • Provide agenda items highlighting academic feedback (positive and negative) at the Student Staff Liaison Group (SSLG)
  • Endeavour to make sure that feedback is: Accurate, Balanced, Constructive, Depersonalised & Evidenced.
  • Working in partnership with your department staff, ensure your cohort is kept up to date about how feedback is being progressed
  • Actively promote the representative work of the SU to your peers


  • SU Course Rep Training
  • Student Staff Liaison Group (SSLG) 1 x Study Block
  • Department Forum 1 x Study Block
  • SU Big Rep Meeting 1 x Study Block
  • Informal meetings with academic staff, Department Rep, SU President and/or SU

Key Contacts

  • SU Department Rep
  • SU President Falmouth
  • Course Leader
  • Fellow reps from your course in other year groups