Exeter Nominations

Nominations and Election Guidance (Exeter)


For First Years

This year we are holding an open application process for our 1st year Course Rep positions. This means there won't be any voting, so anyone who wants to get involved can! We still need you to nominate yourselves but this couldn't be easier.

Nominations will close at 5pm on Friday the 25th September.

A member of out team will then send you an email confirming your application and welcoming you as a course rep. We will be providing you with the Course Rep handbook, as well as links to online resources, and outlining the training we will provide you with over the coming weeks. The first big training session will be online in Teams at 5pm on Monday 5th October. Thanks for your interest in joining the Rep team, we look forward to working with you soon!


For Returning Years

Nominations will close at 5pm on Friday the 25th September.

Voting will open at 9am on Monday 28th September and close at 5pm on Wednesday 30th September. You can vote for yourself!


Campaign & Voting Rules

Candidates & Campaigning

  • Students may not declare themselves as candidates or canvas for votes physically or online before voting opens.
  • Employees of The SU and the institutions, who are not students, should remain impartial at all times.
  • To encourage as many individual candidates to stand for election ‘Slates’ are not permitted: candidates must not form a team with other candidates to run a joint campaign. This includes having joint marketing collateral of any kind.
  • Campaign material should be online only and is not permitted to include potentially false or libellous information.
  • The use of social media is allowed. Content is the responsibility of the candidate and their campaigners and must adhere to these rules.
  • You cannot make allegations about other candidates or previous Subject Chairs / Course Reps in the elections in your online publicity.
  • Campaign material must be in line with The SU’s Equality & Diversity policy available online.
  • It is not acceptable to deface other candidates’ campaign materials or threaten to carry out abusive behaviour towards other candidates.
  • Candidates can campaign in lecture time with the consent of the lecturer.
  • You are not permitted to display any campaigning material within fixed computer suite areas (e.g. Library IT suites, Peter Lanyon IT Suite).
  • No physical campaigning is allowed in these elections.
  • All campaigning must adhere to university regulations and must be lawful.



  • Voting shall be online using a Single Transferable Voting (STV) system via our SU website. Students can nominate themselves via our online form.
  • Only current students of Falmouth University and Exeter Cornwall Campuses (and who are The SU members) are eligible to vote in the SU elections and can do so only once per position.
  • Each student should be allowed to decide on their own voting choices and should not feel forced, pressured or coerced into their voting decisions.
  • Each student’s vote should be their own and not that of a third party.
  • Voting is confidential


Elections Results


The results will be collated at the close of voting by the Student Voice team with oversight from the Deputy Returning Officer.

The results will be announced subject to any issues raised regarding the elections; in which case the results will be announced as soon as possible after this time.

The Student Voice team, DRO and any required IT Support personnel will be the only people involved in the process and will be the only people with access to the results before the official announcement.

Breaching The Rules

Breach of any of these rules may result in a candidate/s being disqualified from the election or face penalties. The decision to disqualify and penalise is at the discretion of the Deputy Returning Officer, who is an impartial selected staff member of the Students’ Union. If a candidate instructs or has knowledge of a third party breaking any rules on the candidates’ behalf, this may also result in disqualification from the elections or alternative mitigation.


Any complaints regarding the conduct of the elections, an elections’ candidate or student relating to the elections must be addressed in writing to the Deputy Returning Officer via the email address elections@thesu.org.uk by the close of voting.

If you fail to submit a complaint by the close of voting, you waive your right to submit any subsequent complaint.


The SU Equal Opportunities Statement of Intent

The SU is committed to ensuring that all its services, activities and opportunities are available equally to all students of University of Exeter Cornwall Campus (UECC) and Falmouth University. The SU will endeavour to ensure accessibility to all, and pro-active measures will be undertaken towards this, and to further ensure that The SU does not unintentionally discriminate against any student. The SU absolutely opposes all forms of discrimination on any grounds. As examples, this includes discrimination on the grounds of age, appearance, class, disability, gender, HIV status, marital status, nationality, political beliefs, religion, race / ethnicity, sex or sexuality. * This list is not exhaustive.

The SU’s full Equality & Diversity policy is available on the SU website: www.thesu.org.uk/about/policies/

Any complaints or comments about Equal Opportunities should be directed to our central email for elections: elections@thesu.org.uk