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How 'Make A Change' works for you.

The 'Make a Change' tab enables any student to submit an idea or campaign through the website without waiting for a rep meeting or Union General Meeting (UGM).

The proposal must:

a) Have at least 25 likes, and 25 more likes than dislikes within 6 weeks of posting in order to be added to the SU Student Council agenda, otherwise it will be rejected.

b) The SU Student Council will then decide the future course of action for the proposal based on their powers and remit.

The SU Student Council can vote to:

  • Allocate the task to one or more council members to take responsibility for it
  • Reject the idea
  • Request more information or more evidence of support

c) If the issue is considered a liberation Issue by the Elections & Democracy Committee, it should instead pass to the Liberation Committee to be voted on.

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    Re-open the library overnight between 11pm-8am!

      The situation this year has had a lot of effect on all students and the recent announcement from the library that it would be closing overnight has caused unnecessary stress to students, especially as deadlines and the end of term is approaching. It is unacceptable that such a valuable resource is closed, especially when students are paying their full course fees to access this resource. Also show the library and the SU that there is demand for it to reopen by emailing
    Sean McGwyne
    2:35pm on 20 Nov 20 I think that it’s extremely important that the library stays open so that people can work on deadlines in a productive space , however I also think that more shifts should be given to library staff so that they don’t have to work all night , All the best , Sean


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