Volunteer profiles

Samuel Constable, BA Music (graduate)

Samuel Constable

Where do you volunteer?

  • Student Mentor Scheme
    I was recruited following a presentation from the Mentor staff in a lecture. I was the Music team leader 2015-16, winning a Gold Award, and I was a Senior Mentor in 2016-17 and won the Special Award for Contribution to Mentoring.
  • SU (Welcome Weekend)
    I saw an advert for volunteers relayed via the Student Mentor Scheme. I worked 37 hours at Glasney in both 2015 and 2016 and reduced my hours in 2017 due to Mentor commitments.
  • 1st Redruth Boys Brigade
    Long-time member, promoted to Officer in 2014 and put in charge of Anchor section (4-8yrs old). I worked weekly with groups of children developing physical and mental skills along with spiritual awareness.
  • Carharrack and St Day Silver Band
    Long-time member, elected Bandmaster and Press/PR officer in 2014. I was put in charge of training new players and covering for the Musical Director as required. I also implemented programs to set clearer goalposts for advancement within the band.
  • Curnow School
    I worked with Music Therapist, Robin Gates, as part of MSH310 Practise in Context and MSH320 Dissertation modules. I learned about music therapy by applying it in groups around Curnow, helping children with disabilities and learning difficulties to find a voice.

Why do you volunteer?

I got into volunteering as a child, helping out at my old primary school and in my local library. These were some of the formative experiences of my childhood and I was eager to continue at university. Since being part of the V Team (Legends), I have met some incredible friends and had a chance to engage in remarkable projects around the community.

What has been your most rewarding moment?

I had the pleasure of many incredible moments over the years but welcome weekend is always a highlight. There’s nothing better than welcoming fresh new students to the best years of their life and being, for some, their first friendly face to reassure them that yes, this will be everything you dreamed and more.

What would you say to someone thinking about volunteering?

There’s nothing else like it. It can be the making of you, if you let it, and will certainly show you things about yourself that you never believed possible.