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Katie Hemmings

Katie Hemmings

I am the President of the Raise and Donate; we are a society that offer a range fundraising opportunities to Falmouth and Exeter students from climbing Everest Base Camp to hitchhiking over Europe to jumping out a plane! We also run lots of fundraising events/projects for Students to get involved with from a Naked Calendar, to themed club nights to our own edition of Take Me Out. By doing this we raise money for a variety of great charities and causes throughout the year.

I volunteer because, not only does it help me make a positive difference, but it also helps me to meet likeminded people, feel involved in the community and develop new skills that I can then use in a productive way to help others. The causes I volunteer for are also close to my heart, and knowing my work helps support them is such an incredible feeling.

My most rewarding moment would probably be the production of our Naked Calendar. It involved 13 societies and 4 student photographers, meaning over 100 students were involved. It was such a great project to work on and everyone got so stuck in and had so much fun with it. Looking through the finished calendar once it had been printed was amazing, and it went on to raise nearly £400 for charity.

Definitely volunteer, it will be one of the best things you ever do. You will meet the most lovely people and knowing what you’re doing is helping others makes any hard work worth it, it’s just the most rewarding feeling.