Volunteer Profile

Jemima Cooper, 2nd Year BA Marine & Natural History Photography

What volunteering have you been involved with (FXU or other)?

. Woodland Management Volunteering at Trelissick Gardens (This included clearing seaweed and other damage from the storms that hit cornwall as well as clearing log piles)
. Marine Mammal Rescue course - Leading on to becoming a marine mammal rescue volunteer (I learnt how to rescue a marine mammal and what to do if one is stranded on the beach)
. Over the Summer I will be Volunteering at an Animal Shelter near me. (This will include jobs such as walking the dogs etc.)

What motivates you to volunteer?

. Getting out and meeting new people with the same passions as me is a drive to volunteer.
.  It also gives me the opportunity to gain experience whilst giving back at the same time.
. With jobs money can be one of the key factors and rewards, but with volunteering you get amazing rewards in many other ways including experiences and connections, it is an incredible valuable experience that you can gain a lot from. In other words you get paid for Volunteering not through money but through experiences.

What have you taken away from volunteering whilst at University?

. From volunteering through the FXU I have been able to gain experiences in many different fields I would never of thought I'd be able to get the chance to do.
. I was able to meet people within fields of work which I previously had no contact with.
. It was also a great way of getting yourself better known in a local area, as well as a fantastic item to have on your CV.
. Most of all I've taken away some fantastic experiences that I wont soon forget and I hope to gain many more in the upcoming future!