Volunteer Profile

Ellie Brown, 2nd Year BA Marine and Natural History Photography

What volunteering have you been involved with (FXU or other)?

I have been involved in a Marine mammal rescue courseĀ  and a woodland management course.

What motivates you to volunteer?

Part of my reason for volunteering is that it not only highers your success rate for employment but it's a chance to get involved with certain people and help out where you can. There is so much you can achieve just by helping out and with it comes a great source of gained knowledge. It doesn't cost you anything but some of your time and it's all for the greater good.

What have you take away from volunteering whilst at University?

I have taken away from volunteering a great amount of learning skills and knowledge. I've also gained a huge amount of experience in doing these, I would definitely sign up for more volunteering opportunities in the future...and it's free!