Volunteer Profile

Ebelia Manda Mvula, MSc Mining Engineering

What volunteering have you been involved with (FXU or other)?

I have been involved in a number of volunteering activities which includes;

Beach clean-up, Marine life rescue course, veg growing and bed maintenance at chyan, looe monkey sanctuary - primate conservation & rescue and am currently volunteering at British Red Cross charity shop at Falmouth.

 What motivates you to volunteer?

The greatest motivation for volunteering is seeing the joy it brings to the people you have helped. I have been interested in learning new skills that will help advancement in employment and social arenas. For example I have learnt customer service through selling in a charity shop, I am able to interact and communicate effectively with different age groups. Volunteering is actually good for the CV, as it enhances employability.

What have you take away from volunteering whilst at University?

The greatest take away from volunteering services is team spirit; we have actually achieved a lot from working together as a team.

I have learnt how to effectively plan my time to incorporate things that adds value to others.

 I have visited lots of new places around Cornwall.