How to Set Up a Student-led Volunteer Project


The SU is here to help those who would like to set up a new Student-Led Project has a small pot of funding to get you started. By setting up or leading one of these projects you can gain leadership, project management, and experience of working in the third sector.

The project can work in partnerships with charity partners and community groups or can be a completely new initiative. It should provide opportunities to get involved with the project on a regular basis, whether as a leader or a volunteer, building up skills and responsibilities.

Such a project is extremely valuable from an employment perspective, as it shows commitment and dedication, as well as a wide range of other unique qualities.

Find all the information you need to set up a Student-Led Volunteering Project on our Set Up A Society page.


Check out the 'How To' guides below for advice and information on setting up and leading a student-led volunteer project.

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