Active8 Volunteers

Active8 help young people and adults with physical disabilities or inpairments. They are looking for students to help on the second weekend of each month with young people aged 14-16. This will include helping them move around, cooking and generally socialising with them and getting them involved with outdoor activities.

Active8 are also after volunteers to assist 16-30 year olds with disabilities. The purpose is to generally boost independence and will require helping once a month by assisting people to go to pub quizzes, gigs, shopping trips or sport.

Other voluntary positions are also available:

  • Photographers - take photos of big events and take some pictures of the members. Some of the young members have requested a professional photo shoot
  • Journalists - either every Monday or every other Monday in Falmouth. One-to-one work to help young people create a newsletter
  • Event Managers - help organise and manage events
  • Outdoor education - get inolved with more extreme events
  • Youth work - deliver one-to-one and group work sessions within the residential homes or monthly activities.

For more information, please see the website or email