Sports Committee


Chair: Sports Officer

PhoebeFor 2018/19, your Sports Officer is Phoebe Coppell. She took on the role because she is passionate about the sport clubs in FXU and the potential they have. She hopes to develop This Girl Can Week, look at the potential for a varsity match and encourage collaborations between clubs. Her responsibilities include:

Chairing and directing the committee, and feeding back into the FXU Leadership team.

Fulfiling their manifesto commitments.

Working closely with FXU President Student Experience and FXU Sports Manager.

Sitting on Activities Committee and leads the forum.



Communications Officer

JoeFor 2018/19, your Communications Officer is Joe Rigby. He joined the sports committee to re-establish the relationship between CSM and FXU. His aim is to get more people attending sporting events and get more people involved with all sports. His repsonsibilities include:

Communicate key messages to the student body regarding sporting events.

Create publications and use social media to promote sport.

Work with FXU Marketing and student media groups such as the Falmouth Anchor Sports Department to promote sporting events and achievements.

Demonstrate to club committees how they can effectively communicate with their members.

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Social & Events Secretary

JedFor 2018/19, your Social & Events Secretary is Jed Scoles. He applied for the role because socials are the life blood of any good team and I want to take socials and events of FXU sport to the next level. His responsibilities include:

Coordinate large sport socials and ensure it is communicated to as many students as possible.

Organise the venues and themes, and work with venues and service operators to get a good deal for our clubs.

Help to organise end of year events such as the FXU Activities Ball and Colours Night.

Advise club committees on how to organise diverse, inclusive and good quality social events.

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Kit & Merchandise Secretary

DanFor 2018/19, your Kit & Merchandise Secretary is Dan Draper. He applied for the role because it has the potential to bring a lot of different teams together, and as CSMSA Sports Secretary as well, he hopes to unify CSM and FXU sports teams and make them positive and inclusive for everyone.  His responsibilities include: 

Find the best suppliers for FXU Kit and Merchandise, while staying within our brand colours of Navy and Gold.

To push sales of kit & merchandise to members of sports clubs.

Organise merchandise for bespoke events and intramural sport leagues.


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Participation & Inclusion Officer

Marie-AlixYour Participation & Inclusion Officer 2018/19 is Marie-Alix Blff. She took on the role to help give students the opportunity to to meet new people and have fun. She wants to make sports clubs more inclusive so that anyone can try them out during taster sessions throughout the year. Her responsibilities include:

Encourage inactive and marginalised student groups to participate in sport and fitness, whether this is through campaigns, events or better communications.

Demonstrate to club committees how they can retain the attendance of their members throughout the year, operate in a way that is open, respectful and inclusive to all.


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Intramural Officer - VACANT

Expand and oversee the intramural programme while ensuring that it is affordable and well administered regarding match fees, facility hire, fixtures, results and referees.

  • Increase participation in intramural sport promoting it to new and returning students and well as Activity groups.
  • Work with FXU marketing and the Communications Officer to promote intramural sport.
  • Help clubs to organise large scale intramural sporting events which are open to all students.

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Terms of Reference

The aim of the Sport Committee is to:

  • Expand and improve sport, fitness and wellbeing at FXU.
  • Address and explore matters with sport at FXU.
  • To provide a platform to encourage more unity, participation and larger events for our clubs.
  • To advise the Sports Officer and President Student Experience on the best interests of the union, prior to the Activities Committee meetings and high level meetings with the universities.
  • The Chair of the Committee is the Sports Officer, who sits on the FXU Leadership Team. The rest of the committee will be made up of 5 different members, to be elected by students:

In Attendance

  • President Student Experience
  • Sports Manager


  • Two formal meetings per term.
  • There is an expectation that you remain in regular contact with the team remotely and meet when necessary.

Minute Taking

  • Sports Manager


  • Sports Officer (Executive) reports to FXU Leadership Team, and Activities Committee, who report to the Trustee Board via the FXU President Student Experience.


Sports Committee Elections