Sports Bursary Profile 

Yasmine Fosu, Politics and International Relations

Sport: Fencing


Current level/ranking:

  • 45th – World U20
  • 2nd  – Highest ranked female in Continent
  • 99th  – Senior

Recent Achievements:

  • 9 continent championship medals
  • 8 top 8 finishes nationals
  • Master at arm x3
  • Qualified for World Cup in Cuba (youngest) most decorated from continent championships for her age
  • Most internationally decorated person her age, with the most continent championship medals won
  • Qualified for three Under 20 World Cups for 2019/20 and qualified for Senior World and Senior Content championships next spring
  • Won 3 senior opens so far this year
  • Finished 2nd at Nationals


  • Qualify for Tokyo 2020, Maintain continent championship title and world rankings

How has the Sports Bursary encouraged/enabled your progress?

Taken financial pressure off so I’m able to compete in the competitions I need to in order to achieve my goals. Encouraged me to continue with my sports through university.