The Community Award

“The club or society has taken active steps to make a positive impact in the community. This can be through involvement with activities and events at the University, but they will also have made an impact on the wider community by engaging with activities, campaigns and events at a local, national or international level. They may have engaged with community groups and have helped to promote FXU students as valued members of the community. Outstanding contributions to charitable work and charity fundraising would be recognised within this award.”

To achieve this, the club or society must demonstrate examples of at least three of the following criteria:


  1. Fundraised for a community group or registered charity.
  2. Made meaningful links with at least one organisation outside of FXU.
  3. Been involved with an event in the local community.
  4. Opened up their activities to the wider community on at least one occasion.
  5. The society/club has at least one associate member who is not a University staff member or ex-student.
  6. The society/club has worked on an activity, event or campaign with other local institutions/organisations such as local schools, colleges or universities or charitable organisations or clubs.
  7. Been actively involved in a large scale event run by the University or FXU such as FXPlus' Garden Fete.
  8. The society/club actively encourages its members to register with the FXU Volunteering Scheme.
  9. The society/club actively encourages its members to be responsible and engaged members of the community.
  10. Got recognised by local or national media/press for community projects.
  11. The society/club runs a closely linked FXU Student-Led Volunteer Project or community campaign.
  12. Taken any other steps that they feel have benefited the local community. (Please provide additional details when applying)

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