Start a New Activity Group

Step 1

Ensure that there is not already a club/society organising the same or a similar activity and figure out what your proposed group will be:

  • Society  Any group that wishes to provide an environment for like-minded people to meet and enjoy their passions, including: performance arts and music; course-related; faith; hobbies and specialist interest; student media; representation and liberation.
  • Club - Any sports or physical activities, including: team sports; dance; outdoor pursuits; indoor and outdoor sport; martial arts and water-based activities.

Step 2


Proposal Form

Step 3

Form a committee who will run the society or club. A committee should consist of at least three people, usually made up of a President/Captain, Treasurer and Secretary, all of which must be current students.

Step 4

Attract potential members to support the proposal. We require 15 people initially to register their interest on the proposal form.

Step 5

Return your proposal form to The SU.

Your proposal will then be submitted for consideration to the The SU Activities Committee then to the The SU Activities Forum where a vote is held to pass the group's proposal and to allow affiliation to The SU.

Step 6

Arrange a meeting with your relevant manager to discuss the next steps, which include completing essential health and safety requirements. The Manager will also help you complete a budget proposal and discuss possible funding opportunities.

Sports Clubs - The SU Sports Manager (email

Societies - The SU Societies Manager (email