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Support for Committee Members

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Social Secretary

Fundraising Officer

Publicity Officer

Members Rep

Resources and Template Forms

SGF Reimbursement Guidance

How to be sustainable

How to Adopt a Charity

How to give a good handover

How to write a report

How to run meetings

Trans Inclusion Booklet

Cornwall Accessibility Guide

Risk Assessment - blank

Instructor Agreement Form

Private Vehicle Registration Form

Reimbursement Form (please use online reimbursement where possible - see SGF Guidance above)

Paying In Slip

Elections and AGMs

How to run an election

How to run an AGM

AGM Minutes Template

Facilities & Room Bookings

How to order equipment and merchandise

How to book a minibus

How to book a sports facility

How to book a room

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How to plan a trip

How to plan an event

Event or Trip Checklist

Guest Speaker Approval Policy and Process

Guest Speaker Approval Form

Awards & recognition

How to utilise social media and digital resources effectively

How to write a good nomination

Forum Notes

Forum Minutes 28.11.2019

Forum Presentation 28.11.2019

Committee Conference Presentations:


Sustainable event planning

Working with Amata

Hate Crime Awareness for you and your members

Marketing - how to promote your group

Police & Safety

Putting on Stannary Events


GDPR Training

Managing your members' data

Finance Training

Creating Engaging Events

How to improve your conversations

Building your CV

Enhancing your emotional Intelligence

Soft Skills & Teamwork