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Support for Committee Members

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Social Secretary

Fundraising Officer

Publicity Officer

Members Rep

Resources and Template Forms

Sports Council Expression of Interest Form

Societies Council Expression of Interest Form

SGF Reimbursement Guidance

How to be sustainable

How to Adopt a Charity

How to give a good handover

How to write a report

How to run meetings

Trans Inclusion Booklet

Cornwall Accessibility Guide

Risk Assessment - blank

Instructor Agreement Form

Private Vehicle Registration Form

Reimbursement Form (please use online reimbursement where possible - see SGF Guidance above)

Paying In Slip

Elections and AGMs

How to run an election

How to run an AGM

AGM Minutes Template

Facilities & Room Bookings

How to book a Compass stall

How to order equipment and merchandise

How to book a minibus

How to book a sports facility

How to book a room

Trips & Events

How to plan a trip

How to plan an event

Event or Trip Checklist

Guest Speaker Approval Policy and Process

Guest Speaker Approval Form

Awards & recognition

How to utilise social media and digital resources effectively

How to write a good nomination

Forum Notes

Forum Minutes 28.11.2019

Forum Presentation 28.11.2019


Committee Conference Presentations:


Sustainable event planning

Working with Amata

Hate Crime Awareness for you and your members

Marketing - how to promote your group

Police & Safety

Putting on Stannary Events


GDPR Training

Managing your members' data

Finance Training

Creating Engaging Events

How to improve your conversations

Building your CV

Enhancing your emotional Intelligence

Soft Skills & Teamwork


General Election guidance