Charity Challenges

Charity Challenges are alternative and often crazy ways of raising money. These are made to push your boundaries and show what levels you will go to for a good cause. If you would like to become a Challenge Leader and be involved with running one of these events, contact



In 2018 RAD organised its first ever Race2, where 10 teams were challenged to get to Amsterdam for free as quickly as possible, all while raising funds and awareness for Alzheimer's Society! Every year, the committee will look into changing the destination, so keep an eye on their social media to find out what's coming next!



During the Lost challenge, teams are kidnapped and taken on a blacked out bus to a mysterious, unknown location. It is then a race to get back to campus with no money, and no communication to the outside world. Teams are also given a list of challenges to complete on route which will help to reduce their final time. This event has a fundraising target per participant.




In a jailbreak event, teams of 3 have to get as far away from campus as possible in 36 hours using only the kindness of strangers to travel. Often one of our largest fundraising events in charity income, each team member has a fundraising target to reach before the event. In Jailbreak events anything is possible and teams have been known to reach as far as Italy, USA and even Aus but for us the biggest hurdle is getting out of Cornwall. How far will you get?

*RAD 2017/18 substituted this trip with a Race2 event. Keep an eye out for updates on future events!

Charity RAIDs

Charity raids are a great way of raising money and spreading awareness of your cause. They cost little to arrange and can be very affective indeed.

A charity RAID is a street collection, that can be held on campus, in your local town or, thinking big, heading to Plymouth, Bristol or even London. RAID are often organised to bring many university fundraising groups together to raise for one joint cause

If you would like to arrange a charity RAID, great! Please do come and let us know and we can help arrange permits for this.

For more information please email