Risk Assessment


Authorised group activities are covered by the SU insurance policy. For an activity/event to be authorised, The SU must receive notification of the activity and receive a suitable risk assessment. Failure to submit a risk assessment means your activities are not authorised by The SU and are not insured and the liability falls to committee members if anything goes wrong.

Every SU Activity Group is required to submit a Risk Assessment. We will not affiliate any groups that do not produce an adequate risk assessment that reflects their specific regular activities. Using the template below, please add any risks specific to your group- ask The SU for examples if you require them.

Please send completed Risk Assessment to studentopps@thesu.org.uk



Risk Assessment - Blank

Covid-19 Risk Assessment

SU Activities Accident/Incident Procedure. This details what you should do in an emergency.

Accident Report Form

Personal Accident Policy Schedule

Personal Accident Summary

Personal Injury Group Policy Document (policy wording) - Please refer to this document if you have any pre existing conditions, illnesses or disabilities as this could affect insurance cover.

Public Liability Insurance Details