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VGSoc is an SU Society centred around bringing together a wide range of people all with the common interest of playing video games. Whether you are a casual gamer or a competitive one you are welcome! Last year reaching over 100 members, frequent social nights and regular tournaments, VGSoc is the society to join if you love playing video games with others or alone. We are also involved with Student Esports for many different games, so make sure to join our discord if you're interested!

We run weekly events in Exchange Seminar Green from 6pm-12am. These events are on Tuesday and Friday every week and the event changes depending on the week. The events we currently run are: Fight Nights, Casual Tournaments and Fighting game Tournaments on Tuesdays and our Casual events on Fridays; with some monthly events inbetween to mix things up a bit. We also run 24 hour charity LAN events and have Themed nights on Casual Fridays, so be sure to come along!

We have a wide range of games present at VGSoc from Minecraft, to Smash, to Mortal Kombat and many others! 

We look forward to seeing you at our events!

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