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Full Members/Associate Full Members (Standard membership)

  • This Membership gives you access to all the standard life drawing classes we offer throughout the academic year for no additional cost. But remember you'll still need to book a ticket before 12pm of the day of the class. After 12pm the Full Member tickets are converted into Pay as You Go tickets and anyone can grab those.


Pay As You Go Members & Associate Pay As You Go Members

  • After becoming a Pay as You Go Member, you'l lbe able to book a ticket to attend any indavidual standard class for £5, don't worry if the pay as you go tickets run out early in the week, any tickets that arn't claimed by full members will be converted into pay as you go tickets after 12pm each Friday to give you the best cahnce of being able to attend a class.

To Attend a class Remeber to bring your student ID, or if your an asociate member a valid photo ID. We don't know you've booked a ticket if we can't ID you. 





Our classes take place in the Mezzanine room on the Penryn Campus. The Mezzanine room is attached to the Soft building which is just beside the student shop. we'll be there at 6:25 to direct you to the room, if you'r running late and cant contact a committee member, just ask for directions at the Soft desk and they'll send you our way.



We don't provide art tools (paper, pencils, sharpeners, etc..) so please do bring your own, you can pick up some supplies at the Student Shop.


I'm new and don't really know what to bring.

It's best to just bring a charcoal block or pencil (a 2B-4B pencil is a good start), putty eraser, and a sketchbook or pad.



We have access to upto 20 easels but will only be bringing 5-8 into the room. So it's going to be first come first served, but If we find we have enough free space to bring in more we will try to acomidate anyone that wants to try/work on one.

If you have any questions We STRONGLY recommend you read through the FAQ first so you know what to expect, there is some important/mandatory stuff in there. If you have any other questions feel free to just shoot us a message.


 Duty of Care to our Life Models

The Life Drawing Society has a zero tolerance policy on any form of inappropriate behaviour, by any individual, towards the life models. Any action or comment that a committee member observes, or is reported to them, which they believe breaches this policy in any way, will result in the following penalties being applied to the offending individual;

·   They will receive an immediate and permanent ban from attending, or continuing to attend, any further activities run by the society

·   their membership will be immediately revoked without reimbursement

·   a written incident report will be delivered to the FXU Activities Team and where deemed necessary the security team.



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