Heels Dance

Come dance in heels and get in your feels!

Whether or not you have never taken a dance class or you've been training for years, Heels is open and welcome to everybody regardless of your age, ability, gender or experience. We train weekly on Fridays, and we cover all the basics but we push you to advance your skills every class! We create an environment where you feel empowered and confident. Come embrace your femininity and feel like a bad B(leep) at the same time. 


The best platform to communicate with us is on our instagram @heelsandfeels_su where we post any updates or information for you guys.  




Q: Do I need heels to come to class?

A: You absolutely do not have to come with heels - although it is reccomended, the choreography can be done just as well without heels, so if you have not invested a pair but still want to come, don't let it hold you back! Just bring yourself, a water bottle and positive energy!


Q: What type of heels should I wear? 

A: Anything that has some ankle support ideally, so lace up peep toe heels or boots would be ideal. 


Q: Am I allowed to wear stilettos? 

A: Unfortunately, due to the studio's regulations regarding floor maintenace, stilettos are not allowed in our training space.


Q: Should I bring knee pads? 

A: Knee pads are not a requirement, although they are highly recommended for when we learn choreography incorporated with floorwork, so its worth investing in a pair just to bring to class in case you feel like you need them!


Please drop us a DM if you have any further questions we have not answered here and we'll get back to your inquiry as soon as possible :) 



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We train at the Flexsi Fitness Studio on campus (opposite the gym) during term time. 

Day: Every Tuesday

Time: 7:20PM - 8:50PM

Remember to check our instagram page for regular updates! 


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