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Truro MedSoc is all about encouraging students to embrace the fantastic opportunities that Cornwall has to offer and to maintain the community spirit of the medical school in a more social setting.

Truro MedSoc is the society for all Medical Student based at the Royal Cornwall Hospital in Truro! 

We aim to create cohesion between years on the Truro Campus and to encourage students to branch out and feel connected to the Penryn Campus as well as our sibling society at St. Lukes - Exeter MedSoc.

We run social events from Quizzes to Nights out and from beach BBQs to pub crawls - there is something for everyone. MedSoc also runs a rich sporting timetable with dedicated Football, Netball, Touch Rugby and Chess teams. You are also able to get invovled with regular beach sports, local sporting events and tourniments and out strava running club.

MedSoc also plays a pastoral role. We know that studying Medicine can be tough at times that is why MedSoc is here to provide some much needed downtime, support through medical families and also have an affiliated society dedicated to Wellbeing in Medicine.

We also aim to give back to the local community by providng charity events aimed at suporting the Cornwall Air Ambulance and Children's Hospice South West.

Truro MedSoc will also provide extra-curricular academic oppertunites to match those in Exeter. We have many affilialed socieites from Neurology Soc to Paedatric Soc and Global Health Soc to Emergency Medicine Soc. We also aim to provide OSCE tuition by Juniour Doctors and through Medic Families.

We can't wait to meet you all - come and play! 

MedSoc love xxx



Chess Soc Secretary

Charity Secretary

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2nd Year Rep

Sports Secretary

3rd Year Rep

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Knowledge Spa, Treliske

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