Lets Talk About Sex Society (LTAS)

Improving student sexual welfare by spreading awareness and increasing knowledge. We welcome any topic suggestions and questions!

The Lets Talk About Sex Society (LTAS) is a student-led sexual welfare project on Penryn Campus, dedicated to raising awareness around sexual welfare issues. We aim to spread knowledge and understanding of sexual health topics that affect both the student population and the wider community.  

We are a brand new society currently navigating our launch around the obsacles that COVID-19 presents. Some of our plans in progress include: 

  • Running workshops including informative poster building, understanding consent and how to use testing kits. 
  • Table talks throughout the year discussing 'taboo' topics, with the aim to destigmatise sexual welfare topics.
  • We are also excited to be starting an LTAS podcast, planning to get some specialist guest speakers to join us on the show. 

As a society, we have had people coming forward to us with their personal sexual welfare experieces and questions. If you are happy to, you are more than welcome to come up to any of our comittee members privately with any questions you have regarding your sexual health and welfare. We will be able to talk to you on a personal level or put you in touch with a professional organisation related to your question. We are in the process of provding an anonymous platform for anyone who doesnt wish to share their identity. 

LTAS will be a safe place for conversation and a welcoming point of contact for anyone seeking student support. We really want this to be a society led by student needs and proactive discussion, so we welcome any suggestions or contributions you would like to bring. 

Show that you care - become more aware! 


Please remember that we are a student support group, if you have any medical concerns please contact your GP or call 111, if you feel unsafe or are in immediate danger please call 999. 



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