Post-Soviet States Society

An inclusive space to unleash your inner SLAV

Post-Soviet Society in the Falmouth and Exeter Student Union is about creating an inclusive space for people interested in post-Soviet state heritage, promoting the region's history and its intricacies and celebrating the culture and its traditions.


We are all about making mayo salads and drinking straight out of the bottle, wearing ushanka and playing the balalaikas with our pet bears.

If you have any queries feel free to contact (Ivan) or (Asia)!





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Squatting lessons included, but Adidas tracksuits not provided.

Traditional holidays, like Maslenitsa, Easter, Victory Day are celebrated with the maximum amount of authenticity. Those events are crucial for emergence in the Post-soviet culture.

We will have fortnightly meetings in order to come up with the new exciting activities, that could be either online or offline, depending on further COVID regulations.


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