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For the Wolves of Penryn Street, for the Warren Buffets of Tremough, and for the budding Finance Bulls of Falmouth. The Finance and Investment Society is a new society aspiring to support our members in endeavours to avoid having the budgeting abilities of a stereotypical student, pursue careers in financial services, and debate the fate of economies. Through guest speakers, discussion groups, virtual investing and more, our society will persist to help members to achieve our common vision.

We hope to see you with our Guest Speaker Johnathon Craggon, Wealth Manager, on Monday 21st September! Click on the event to see the details.


Finance - President

Finance - Vice President

Investment - Social Secretary

Investment - President

Finance - General Secretary

Finance - Social Secretary

Finance - Treasurer

Investment - Treasurer

Investment - Events Coordinator

Investment - Project Manager

Investment - Head of Marketing

Finance - Publicity Manager

Investment - Accountant

Investment - Relationship Director

Finance - Fundraising Officer and Editorial Chief

Finance - Member's Representative

Investment - Publicity Officer

Finance - Events Coordinator

Finance - External Liaison Manager

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