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With over 150 sports clubs and societies, from student media to representation societies, we’d like to think we’ve got you covered. But if you can’t find what you are looking for, you can always propose something new. It’s your Students’ Union!
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Step 1

Ensure there is not already an activity group organising the same or a similar activity. The Students’ Union cannot support duplicate activities. If there is already a group with similar ideas, get in touch with them to see how you can get involved.

Step 2

Form a committee who will run the activity group. The committee should consist of at least three people (usually a Chair, Secretary and Treasurer), all of whom must be current students. We say you need a minimum of three people as there is quite a lot of work involved in being on a committee and this helps to share the load. In this situation, three is not a crowd- it’s a solid core team! If there are more than three, that’s great.

As the team numbers increase, think of other roles and tasks you might need filling, such as Events Coordinator, Social Sec, Fundraising, Publicity... the list goes on, and ultimately only you know what you need, but the Opps team are always here to help!

Step 3

Attract potential members to support the proposal. We require at least 20 people to sign the proposal form.

Step 4

Complete a proposal form stating the aims and objectives of your proposed idea.

Proposal Form

Step 5

Once your proposal has been considered and approved at the Activities Committee, your proposal will be presented and voted on at the Activities Forum. The forum is made up of committee representatives from all activity groups and takes place at least once a term. We love a bit of democracy!

Step 6

If your proposal has been approved at Forum – the relevant Coordinator will be in touch with you regarding affiliating you as a Student Union Activity Group and the next steps.

Who to contact

If you’re looking to start a new group, please contact:

Sports Coordinator

Ceri Harvey

Societies Coordinator

Rosie Lea

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