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Tell Me has launched!

Tell Me offers advice and help, acting as a third party reporting centre for hate crimes. It's an email service which allows you to feel safe and supported while studying here in Cornwall.

FXU is proud to announce the launch of Tell Me (, an email service that acts not only as advice and support for students but also a third party reporting centre for hate crimes. This has been done jointly with the amazing Student Support Services team and could not have happened without all their hard work and dedication.

FXU and Student Support Services want to help to ensure that all students are able to live and study in a safe and trouble free environment. With there being no third party reporting centre for hate crimes within Cornwall, reaching out for support can not only be isolating but also very stressful and confusing regarding who to go to. That is why we have set up a contact email for issues and incidents that might affect students in the community, as well as at university. This can be for things such as incidents of hate which have caused alarm or distress, as well as cases of harassment, hate crimes or any issues that may be causing any students to feel concerned, isolated, or unsafe. The email service allows you to feel safe and supported whilst studying here in Cornwall.

What is different about Tell Me to other sources of support available to students is that has students in mind and has been designed to fit around them. An email service means that Tell Me can be accessed at any time. When a student sends their initial email they get an automatic triage response letting them know about the different support services and local charities that can help. This means that even at 3am, a reply comes through offering support and allowing students to seek further action if they wish. From there, email and response is treated on a case by case basis, with individual support being offered in an initial email conversation, with the option of having a one-to-one meeting with a member of staff. Student Support Services will be taking the lead on this, with the FXU Welfare President feeding in to all conversations that happen. The service will also act as a third party reporting centre for hate crimes, meaning that we can feed back to the police for students, to alert them to incidents that have happened. This way we can fight back against hate and abuse together, as advocates and supportive friends.

Be it for a student for themselves, a member of their sports club or society, a course mate, housemate, something they’ve seen, or something they've heard about, Tell Me is here for all. Staff members are also welcome to use this service to seek support but also if they are concerned for a student.

There is also something unique about Tell Me and that is the ability to track within the service. Information on the type of incident and the location is stored - by using this we will be able to track any problems that arise. This means that we can map out problem areas or places where students might not feel as safe and use this to directly address any incidents on campus and in the community. Together we can make our home safer and more secure for all who live here. But this will only work if people use the service, so we beg anyone who needs any support to reach out and Tell Me!

To all students, this is your service designed around you. So please, Tell Me. #FXUTellMe

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