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Presidents Update: Ellie Ricks

Hi there everyone! I hope everyone had a great new year and has stuck to their resolutions. I’m happy to be back on campus, it’s great to have everyone enjoying the campus experience again, especially now there's bubble tea LOL.

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Photo of President Student Experience - Ellie Ricks

I could not be happier to say that I have come back and officially completed one of my manifesto points! Wooooo! After several months I have now been able to share all my research with the student union and the SU crew and together we have created a brand-new calendar of student centered events. Look forward to seeing those in the next few months, I cannot wait to see you there!

I have also been working on making some amazing developments towards the Falmouth campus library. I have gathered together your opinions and taken them to the estates team. Alongside this I have made great strides towards making some developments to the SU space and the radio space, all of which I am hoping to see some advancements in soon.

Moreover, I have been working on several sustainability measures, most notably helping the sustainability team towards getting the campus the silver Hedgehog Safe Campus accreditation. This is just another step towards making the campus a more beautifully biodiverse space. In future I’m hoping to look more towards food waste via composing a composting initiative that will take and use the food waste created on campus to create compost that can be used by staff and students alike.

Outside my manifesto developments, I have been working with Myles Brammer, food consultant to the stars, to get a catering review underway. We are hoping to bring the food offer on campus up a notch, making sure we are staying on trend and offering the widest possible culinary options for those with cultural or medical food requirements.

Also, I’ve been working with our fabulous Part-Time Officers and aiding them on their way to achieving all amazing projects, as well as getting their help with my work. They’re an amazing bunch and I can’t wait to see what they go on to achieve this year.

The President Team as a whole have been working together for LGBT+ history month, making sure that all events uplifted and shared as well as putting on events of our own with the liberation committee. Thanks so much to everyone that shared their ideas with us, it is always greatly appreciated.  

I’m hoping to be making these updates more regularly going forward, and I hope you can take the time to see some of the amazing work my team and I have been up to. The presidents would be nothing without our students (especially you reading this!), your feedback is truly invaluable to us. If you ever have an issue, idea or just want a chat - I’d love to hear from you. Look out for me around Penryn and Falmouth campus and I’ll look forward to speaking with you all soon.


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