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Presidents' Statement on the ongoing conflict in Israel and Palestine

At the SU, we are ordinary individuals, not academics or experts on the ongoing situation in Israel and Palestine. We speak with no authority on the issue, and don’t claim to have any answers or solutions to the events that are unfolding.

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We exist for students, so our primary purpose is to serve our student community, and during this difficult time, our foremost commitment is to support our students to the best of our abilities.

As a community, we are horrified and saddened at the ongoing conflict in Israel and Palestine. We condemn and stand against violence and intolerance in all forms, whether that be occupation, terrorism, or hate.

We understand that our students will be affected by this conflict, some far more than others. This is a time for speaking and acting with sensitivity and compassion towards others, irrespective of their identity.

The root of violence is oppression, and the violence that is happening in Israel and Palestine leads to a higher risk of hate in other places, including our community. This hate isn’t confined to Islamophobia and antisemitism, it also manifests as racism and xenophobia. We stand firm against all violence and hate, supporting the de-escalation of fear and tensions on campus. People affected by this conflict will often react from a place of fear and pain, the SU is a safe and welcoming space for all.

How to report abuse and harassment:

We urge anyone who has witnessed or experienced any form of abuse to use our Speak Out tool to report incidents.

The Penryn campus Safety and Support Team are available 24/7. You can contact them on 01326254444.

You can also contact Security directly through the SafeZone app. It’s available to all Falmouth and Exeter students, making it easier to contact Security directly from your phone.

Remember: If you are in an emergency, call 999 and ask for the appropriate service.

Support available:

The SU Advice team offer free, non-judgemental, and confidential advice for all students. The SU is open for anyone who needs space to reflect, decompress or connect with others, your sabbatical officers are ready to listen to you.

FX Plus Wellbeing Services can also offer support and guidance; they are here to help. You can book an appointment or visit The Compass on Penryn Campus for drop-in slots Monday to Friday, 10-4.

Alongside this, The Multifaith Chaplaincy team are here to support students of all faiths and none. They seek to provide an inclusive and welcoming space for all, in both the Chaplaincy building on the Penryn Campus (Tremough Barton Cottage 8) and the room in the Fox Building on the Falmouth Campus.

“We are here for all students who need extra support at this challenging time. We can offer a listening ear and connect you in with other sources of support. We also know the value of connecting with other students for mutual support. There is an SU Islamic Society which is likely to be a good source of community and support for our Muslim students. There is not currently a Jewish Society and so the Multifaith Chaplaincy is convening support sessions. Please feel free to connect in with the Chaplaincy team for more information on these and all the support we can provide:, 07765 694884.”

Out of Hours Support:

The Community Support Trust (CST) has published a number of resources on their social media feeds. CST also has a national emergency number which should be used to report antisemitic attacks, alongside calling 999. 08000323263.

Tell Mama is a confidential support service for those suffering anti-Muslim hate and discrimination across the UK. Their website features a number of different ways to report anti-Muslim incidents, including via phone and WhatsApp, alongside calling 999. Report in Anti-Muslim Hate or Islamophobia (

These events can be extremely traumatic for people around the world. If you feel you need mental health support, Samaritans have free resources and a phone line with someone you can talk to. 


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