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Meat Free Monday’s Trial

In a recent survey conducted by The SU, 78% of students said they would like to see ‘Meat Free Mondays’ introduced on our campuses.

So, the Stannary Kitchen has decided to launch a Meat Free Monday’s trial!

Starting on Monday 3rd February, by only serving meat-free meals on Monday's, the Catering Team are supporting the Universities’ commitment to sustainability and their climate emergency declarations.

Skipping meat for 1 day a week reduces the harmful impacts of the animal agriculture and industrial fishing industries, in turn slowing climate change and conserving more natural resources.

As this is a trial, your thoughts and feedback are so important. There will be feedback forms on the counters in the Stannary, or please find the digital version here

Eat meat one day less a week and see the impact it has on your budget and the environment around you.

Decisions on diet and eating habits can majorly impact your sustainability. To go further, try: ditching dairy, cutting food waste and avoid single-use items.


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