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Volunteering Student Profile: Cherie Yu

Cheri Yu tells us about her volunteering experience as Vice President of the Horse Riding Society.

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I am currently volunteering as the vice president of the horse riding society. I spend my time assisting the committee members and organizing rides for members of our society. I got involved in this role because riding has always been a hobby of mine, therefore maintaining this passion has been my goal since coming to university. I also enjoy the admin and organization side of being a committee member, therefore decided on this role. From volunteering, I have learnt how to create a positive relationship with my team and the local stables we work with. I was able to work in a likeminded group that allowed me to gain life-long friends and being able to share the same love for horses is very rewarding. Lastly, volunteering my time to carpool riders of all levels allowed me to meet people with different backgrounds, but being able to introduce them to a new sport while seeing their improvements and smiles after ever lesson is what makes this experience special. I recommend you to get involved in volunteering because it can allow you to make friends with people you never expect you would, and you will learn many other well-rounded skills.   

- Cherie Yu


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