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The SU Pantry is open!

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The SU Pantry is open!

At the start of this academic year, us presidents decided to make it one of our shared priorities to support students in any way we could with the cost of living crisis. We have spent time talking to students, listening to your voices, and lobbying the universities to be transparent and do more. 

Alongside taking ideas/feedback to the universities and FXPlus, we have been planning ways that we as a union can show our support and provide any sort of relief ourselves. 

The community pantry has been in the works for a while, and I am so proud that it has finally come to fruition. It is still relatively new, so we are learning what is popular and how often we need to restock it - if you do come in to use it, please fill out the feedback form on the handy dandy QR code. It genuinely is super helpful to know what to do next.

We ask that if you do use the pantry, please be respectful and mindful that it is a resource open to all of the students that our campuses support.

This project has been a double-edged sword for us; as I said, I am proud that we could run this project and that students feel that they are able to come and take the items they need, however it is distressing to think that for some this pantry might be a significant supporting crutch.

Please do come into the Penryn campus office and take an item or two, but if you are in need of longer-term support, we have resources available to you. You can come in and ask an SU staff member or scan the QR code on the wall by the pantry itself. 

Unfortunately, at the moment this is just a resource on the Penryn campus, but it is open to all students Falmouth and Exeter (Cornwall) students. We would love to be able to open the project up to the Falmouth campus and Truro campus, but at the moment this isn’t possible.

If you have any suggestions do come and have a chat! 


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