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Term 2 Update from your President Falmouth, Hannah de Oliveira Whitlock

Please find below a Term 2 update from your President Falmouth 23/24, Hannah de Oliveira Whitlock.

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The Reality of Student Living

Mould! Wet walls! Mushrooms growing out of your carpet! Windows and doors that won't close! Over the past weeks, I've been documenting the often overlooked realities of student accommodation. From privately owned spaces to halls of residence, I've gathered photographic evidence showcasing issues such as mould, damp walls, and even mushrooms sprouting from carpets. It's clear that the standards accepted by landlords are simply unacceptable, and it's crucial for everyone to understand the living conditions that many of our students endure.

In addition to balancing part-time jobs and academic responsibilities, many students face the challenges of cramped living spaces, inadequate amenities like tiny fridges shared among several residents, and persistent issues with maintenance and upkeep.

To shed light on these issues and advocate for change, I'm in the process of creating an archive of evidence that captures the reality of student living. If you've experienced substandard living conditions and would like to add to our growing body of evidence, please don't hesitate to reach out to me at and see our guide to Damp, Mould & Disrepair in Student Accommodation.

[PHOTOS] I have emailed permission for use of these photographs. 

Academic Representation Review

Every term, the Student and Staff Liaison Group (SSLG) provides a platform for students to convey feedback from their respective cohorts to key staff members. During these sessions, an administrator records feedback into actionable items that are followed up in subsequent SSLGs. These logs are then shared with us to ensure that problems which concern the wider student population are implemented and addressed.

In our ongoing efforts to enhance student representation and engagement, we have recently met with the Faculty of Business & Design, Faculty of Creative Arts & Communication, and Faculty of Screen, Technology & Performance to gather feedback from staff. Additionally, I have been engaging with Department Representatives and course representatives to gather input and establish a shared and standardised approach to how the representation system works. 

We recognise the indispensable role of student input in enhancing the overall experience at Falmouth University. We are actively working to streamline the system's efficiency, as SSLGs are the fundamental tool for effecting consistent change and closing feedback loops. This involves ensuring timely communication on significant matters such as the Employability schemed (Study Abroad, Cultural Immersion, Funding, etc), and important financial updates to both staff and students.



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