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Term 1 Update from your Vice President, Orestis Collins-Alamanos

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Photo of Orestis, Vice President.

Term 1 update from your Vice President, Orestis

Hello everyone! I just want to wish everyone a Happy New Year and to tell you a bit about my updates from Term 1.


Gender Expression Fund

The first thing I managed to do was the Gender Expression Fund, which lets you purchase gender affirming products for the transgender and non-binary community on these campuses in Cornwall. Within ten days we had more than 30 applicants, which is amazing and shows the need of this fund.

Wellbeing Services

My second point is my collaboration with the wellbeing services. Me and Clare Manser, one of my colleagues, worked together on creating a poster where students can find out what wellbeing support is available around campus. You can find these posters just outside of The SU in Penryn, in the compass or on the wellbeing website.

International Students

I also worked on making sure that our International Students have the right support that they need. I worked very hard on creating the student networks – please check them on the website if you haven’t seen them - and the intercultural café with FxPlus. If you ever want to make more friends, just come over, have a cup of tea, and talk with us.

Truro Campus

I also visited Truro Campus quite a lot last semester because I knew that the students there didn’t really know what The SU was, so I made sure we had a strong presence and that we got to meet a lot of students and all our colleagues.


Lastly, I worked on EDI with Falmouth and Exeter. We all know that EDI – equality, diversity, and inclusivity – is quite important and this is my passion! I’m going to fight until I leave in June, to make sure that your voice is heard, you know that you’re being represented and you just feel that you belong and are included in this community.


You can find a reel of Orestis' update on Instagram, and if you have any feedback, please email! We’d love to hear from you.


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