Sustainability wins

This year’s Green Council have been hard at work behind the scenes to improve our sustainability and look after the campus environment, making it as eco-friendly as it can be. Here are a few of their successes from the year so far:


  • Trialled in February, the Green Council have worked hard to promote Meat-Free Mondays in The Stannary. Although not all meat options have been removed, there has been a significant increase in vegetarian and vegan options on offer
  • The Food Committee have undertaken meetings with FX Plus to put forward ideas for the Sustainability Cafe menu and plans for the future of our campus.


  • Prior to lockdown, plans were being put in place for a summer Swap Shop on campus. Although this currently on hold, it will be something for the future.
  • Improved communications on food waste processing and Vegware disposal are currently in progress for the Green Council and FX Plus, ensuring the most environmentally friendly methods are being used by all.


  • The Green Council have shared communications and helped to promote the free £50 public transport credit available to students to ensure more are opting to use public transport.


  • The Green Council have requested building-specific energy data to be displayed on screens around campus as a result of student feedback. FX Plus are working on this.


  • Supported by the Campaigns and Events Fund and Green Living, The Green Council are working on a new and exciting project to develop the Edible Pathways initiative. This will provide signage for areas of biodiversity and edible food plants, as well as plant new edible fruit trees and plants around campus.

More recently, the Green Council have been compiling lists of sustainability tips to help you all out during isolation,

If you have any areas that you think our campus could work on, or would like to be a part of The Green Council next year, please get in touch: