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Students EU Question & Answer with Prime Minister

FXU took a delegation of students to a high profile Q&A with the Prime Minister.

Students from Cornwall at Exeter


FXU were invited to take a delegation of students to a Q&A with Prime Minister David Cameron held at Exeter Universities Streatham campus. We were all briefed beforehand on the format of then escorted into the XfI building where a few of our crew managed to get front row seats. We had to wait around 30 minutes whilst VIP's (Including FXU Presidents' Amanda Chetwyn-Cowieson & Alexa Webster) had a private meet & greet before Mr Cameron joined the students, introduced reasons why the Government is pushing to stay in the EU then took questions from the audience.

You can see photos of this event HERE

Forthcoming EU referenda events include:

Wednesday April 20th  @ 1pm Chapel Leacture Theatre - free event looking at the EU and Cornwall hosted by Cornwall Young Greens

Friday May 20th @ 6.30pm Lower Stannary - Free debate with In/Out panel (This event will be televised and requires booking)


Comments from our delegation:

Tom Murray Richards (FXU President Elect: Exeter):

“Thank you to FXU for this opportunity. It was fantastic to hear from the Prime Minister and although I don’t agree with him on everything, I will be voting to remain. He could have had some more difficult questions, though…”

Hattie Wheeler:

“It was a great opportunity to engage with a hot topic at the moment, and hear the PM’s views first hand”.

Cece Armstrong:

“Fantastic opportunity given by FXU to engage not only with the Prime Minister himself but also with Exeter University om a wider scale”.

Fern Kenyon-Hamp (2016 Presidential candidate):

“Gaining access to public debates with our Priome Minister is not easy to come by. We were all very lucky today to be given the opportunity by the University of Exeter, and the FXU. I thought David Cameron spoke very eloquently and confidently in response to all his questions – I remain against many of his decisions and opinions, however I will be voting to stay in the EU”.

Ellinor Opsal:

“Great opportunity for someone not from the UK to become more familiar with British politics and discuss an interesting topic”.

Zac Hancock:

“Today was a pleasant, unexpected experience. What I got out of it most was watching the UK’s biggest leader’s speech techniques and tactics. Thank you for the invite”.

Alex Kay (FXU LGBT+ Officer):

“It was a great opportunity hearing David Cameron’s opinions on the EU without the media’s filter. Great to see students involved. One of the best and important opportunities I’ve had”.

Keir Clyne:

“It was refreshing to have a forum where our voices could be heard. Being part of history and allowing us to have an active role in our country’s future”.

Joe Cruxon:

“As a politics student, it’s so easy for academia and politics to be abstract and feel separate from the real world lived experience. This was such an exciting chance to experience the realms of power and decision making. Enormous thank you to FXU for organising & buying my dinner! ”

Dwayne Roberts (AMATA Department Rep):

“The trip to Exeter was a great experience and I’m very thankful that I had the opportunity to join everyone else for the debate with the Prime Minister. I’m also very glad to hear that the PM and the government are backing the fact to stay in the EU. Lets hope we do stay. It’s scary to think about leaving the EU”.

Mathilde Baade (FXU International Students’ Officer):

 “Had a lovely day in Exeter and really enjoyed taking part in such an important debate. Was very interesting to hear about David Cameron’s point of view and how he feels about the EU referendum. I’m very grateful for having the opportunity to take part of something like this”.


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