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Sports Bursary Student Profile: Lucas Meldrum

In this one minute read, Lucas Meldrum chats about his experiences as a competitive windsurfer.


My name is Lucas, I’m 20 years old, Brighton born & bred but I’ve just started a graphic design degree at the University of Falmouth.

I started windsurfing when I was 10 and have been hooked ever since. I quickly gravitated to the wavesailing discipline of the sport, which involves riding waves, like surfing, and jumping tricks, like in slopestyle snowboarding. I've always been very passionate and focussed, always striving to get better. Over the years I've got some good results nationally, motivating me to train harder on and off the water.

I aim to be British Champion next year and plan to compete in European and International events when they run. If you would like to join my wavesailing adventures feel free to check out my socials and youtube channel!

Here are some links to my channels:

Instagram YouTube


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