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Rent Campaign – Joint Students’ Union Presidents’ Statement

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"Due to the new Lockdown, you told the Falmouth & Exeter Students’ Union that you were concerned about paying rent – either because you’re not currently using the room, paying rent in two separate places or the financial burden was massively affecting your wellbeing and ability to produce high quality work.

Your voice made a huge impact. Thanks to your growing momentum by speaking to the Presidents, Part-Time-Officers and by signing the Make A Change tab, both Universities have listened.

In light of the recent announcements by both Falmouth and Exeter University in Cornwall, there have now been changes to the situation regarding your rent.

If you are an Exeter student, for those who are living in University or FXPlus accommodation, or whose contracts were arranged through the University with a nominated partner, Exeter University will waive the rent charges that would be payable during this lockdown period, for those who do not return to their accommodation.

This arrangement will cover the period of the national lockdown during which many of you have been asked by Government not to return to your term time accommodation. This began on 4 January and is currently expected to stay in place until mid-February.

If you are a Falmouth student, the University has decided not to charge rent to students contracted to University Owned and Managed Accommodation (UOMA) but not currently able to occupy their room, for the period 4 January until 21 February (7 weeks).

UOMAs include: Glasney, Packsaddle, Tuke, Sidings, Quarry, Ocean View and Maritime.

However, we strongly believe that these changes should also apply to students outside of UOMAs, such as for those in private accommodation in the local area. Therefore, with the aid of the SU’s Advice Service, we have written a template letter for you to use when addressing this situation to your private landlord. Moreover, The SU Presidents have also written a letter to the local MP, which also asks for supporting local landlords in order to support their tenants for the ongoing rent campaign.

The situation is still unfolding as the President team continues to meet with FXPlus, Falmouth University and University of Exeter to voice your concerns.

All the best,

Charlotte Agnew (SU President Welfare & Inclusivity)

Amelia Banton (SU President Experience)

Cara Chittenden (SU President Exeter)

Lizzy Marshall (SU President Falmouth)


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