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Presidents Update: Luke Court

Hello, this is my first update as SU President Falmouth!

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Photo of Falmouth President: Luke Court

I started this role recently and it has been so amazing learning so much about the SU, meeting all of the SU team and working alongside the Previous SU President Ben in his last weeks as president.

In my first few weeks, Ben has shown me the ropes, and introduced me to so many people who will be able to help me develop my manifesto ideas. Having the opportunity to meet the Vice Chancellor of Falmouth Uni and observe their work has been so valuable to better understanding what makes Falmouth Uni tick. I am so excited to get to work!

I would be lying if I said I haven’t felt overwhelmed at times over the last few weeks. Having the majority of students support behind me and my manifesto is incredibly motivating, and equally as daunting. I want to be sure I am the best SU President Falmouth I know how to be.

The SU Presidential photoshoot took place recently, and I would say it was the first time since I began the role that I felt completely in my element. As a Press and Editorial Photography graduate from Falmouth, being in a studio setting feels very comfortable to me. However, that was not always the case. I had to practice a lot, work on honing my skills, and one day without realizing it, the whole process suddenly felt very naturally to me. I feel as though I am in that transitional period currently with being a SU president. I am excited to get stuck in and learn all the ins and out of being a SU President. And I’m sure very soon it will come as naturally to me as holding a camera.


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