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Presidents Update: Ben Statham-Wilkins

What a few months! I hope everyone is doing well and having a good old time. As the Halloween decorations come down and Mariah Carey warms up her vocal cords, I thought I would give a little update on what I have been up to in the President role.

Photo of Falmouth President Ben Statham-Wilkins

I have successfully kickstarted my manifesto project ‘Show off’ formerly known as REPRESENT. This is where students have the opportunity to showcase their skills on real projects, opening up opportunities and enhancing portfolios. This was first done with the annual President photo shoot which we opened for student applications. A new project open to students will be out soon, so keep an eye out for that as you will be able to show off your talents (hence the name ‘Show off’, crazy right?!) as well as being paid for it! 

Working alongside Charlotte (President Welfare & Inclusivity) and the University, we have successfully succeeded in ensuring that dead names will no longer be used in timetabling.  

Working alongside Ellie (President Student Experience), AMATA REPS and FXPlus, we have secured two microwaves at the AMATA café as well as extending the open hours to 9-4, more variety of options like locally sourced soup, gluten free and Vegan options.  

The SU student voice team and I have been out and about promoting how vital the Rep system is and we have successfully seen over 260 REPs this year! A big thank you to all the Reps for putting yourselves forward and for those who weren’t successful this time around, don’t worry and try again next year! As well as the Reps, we have Department Reps and I have set up monthly meetings with them to give quick updates on how the departments are going and what needs improving. This has been great and has seen quick turn arounds!  

Following on from the previous Falmouth President, I have planned a ‘CoLab Live’ event open to all students to attend. It is on Wednesday 10th November 6pm -8pm at Rosya Space, 17-18 Killigrew St (above Free Riders Surf Shop). Tickets can be found here – there’s a limited number available so be quick!

Alongside the University, Charlotte and I have worked on ‘Challenge 14’ and its goal of a more joined-up student support system. Having used feedback from students as the main heart of the project. We are looking forward to seeing how it changes and improves the student journey as it rolls out later next year. 

The President team and I listened to your concerns on feeling anxious when hearing about the news regarding personal safety and spiking, with this is mind we have been working together on ways we can help. We have created safety packs and are available on both campuses. We know that this is a small part in a much bigger conversation, and we are continuing to plan on ways to tackle these issues and ensure all students feel safe. 

This is just a quick little update on some of the things I have been doing (I won’t bore you with everything!) But I thought it would be good to give you an update on things and to show that I am here for YOU and always will be! It is also important to note that in most of the things I have done like the points above, I have worked with others to do them, so I think it is important to acknowledge and thank everyone so far for working alongside me, these being the President team, the SU, Falmouth University, REPs, FXPlus and most importantly, YOU! Without you leaving feedback and telling me things, I can’t do my job, so for that, thank you! 


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