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Manifestos Really Matter, with SU President Student Experience Amelia Banton

Current SU President Student Experience Amelia Banton is here to remind you that "it's really important that you vote for the person who you think best represents you." To ensure you really *know* what motivates each candidate, Amelia suggests sitting down and reading their manifestos at

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"So we all know it's election season, and I'm sure you've seen the candidates doing loads of promotion for themselves and their campaigns on their social media, and their friends will have been supporting them and stating why they think you should vote for them.

But it's really important that who you vote for is your decision, and that you vote for the person you think best represents you. 

It's all about the Manifestos 

The best way to know this is to actually sit down and read through the candidates' manifestos. It might sound really dull, but it's the best way to get an insight into what motivates that candidate and what they would do if they were elected. 

It's also really interesting to think about what they may have already done in their time as a student. So, for example, if they have already had a role in the Union, thinking about how they have used that. 

Ultimately, when deciding who to vote for, it's about thinking about what works best for you."

Amelia Banton, SU President Student Experience. 


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