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Introduction to Talk Money Week

As the cost-of-living crisis continues to impact the student experience, your President team are still working to ensure that student voices are heard in top level conversations with all our partners.

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We are also working closely with other members of the SU team and have established an SU Cost of Living Working Group in which we discuss how each of our teams can offer you more support, and initiatives we can implement. In this group, we came up with Talk Money Week, an awareness campaign to encourage people to talk about money and how the crisis is impacting them.

Talk Money Week is an annual campaign originally established the Money & Pensions Service UK as research shows that over half of UK adults do not feel confident making decisions about their finances.

In 2022, Talk Money Week is taking place from 7 to 11 November, and as the SU team, we have decided to implement the campaign on a local scale. We are using the week to promote the support that we at the SU and the institutions are offering and to encourage students to reach out.

Since sending out an email asking for student feedback on how the crisis is affecting them, we have received many emails from students containing feedback, experiences, and ideas – we thank you for being so open with us. Your feedback is invaluable and in using it, we can push for further change.

Over the course of the week, we will be posting cost of living support information, sharing with students the change we are making, hosting pop-ups and advice drop-in sessions, and closely engaging with the student community to talk about all things money. To find out more information about the pop-ups and drop-in sessions, please go here:

Penryn Campus Pop Up  - 8 November (Social Street in the Exchange Building)

Falmouth Campus Pop Up - 8 November (SU Office)

Penryn Campus Pop Up  - 9 November (SU Office - Glass Box)

You can also visit our Cost of Living Crisis hub.

Lauren Taylor (President Student Experience)

Kira Orchard (President Welfare & Inclusivity)

Luke Court (President Falmouth)

Georgi Griškeviciene (President Exeter)


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