FXPlus Catering Outlets Feedback

FXPlus want to know what you think about their Cafes/Food Outlets and what they can do to improve them. 

Events and outlets should be catered to what you want, so it's important that what they're offering, is of interest to all of you. If you've got a couple minutes spare, please fill out the two forms below to have your say ???

Event Feedback Forms: bit.ly/3411Y8s
Outlet Feedback Forms: bit.ly/2Rwt5FL


There are also drop in sessions for the rest of this term for people to talk to Lisa Frawley at the places and times listed below:

Stannary Bar – 1st Friday of the month 11am-2pm

Koofi -  2nd Friday of the month 10am-12pm

ESI Café – 2nd Friday of the month 1pm-3pm

AMATA – 3rd  Friday of the month 11am-2pm

Fox - Last Friday of the month 11am-2pm