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#EaseTheFees update

We've been featured in the national news for our campaigning efforts. Find out how you can take action.

Cara Chittenden, SU President Exeter 2020/21

On 16 April, we joined forces with Write Off Right Now and other student-led campaign groups to lead an action day for tuition fee refunds. This was named “Students Take Action” and students were encouraged to use our template letter to email their local MPs demanding that the Government takes action on tuition fee refunds. The action day even made it into the BBC News!

Use this template letter to email your local MP demanding the Government takes action on tuition fee refunds. Simply fill in the name of your local MP, your address, and sign it, adding anything extra that you want to before you send.

On 21 April, a letter signed by Cara and 20 other Russell Group SU Presidents was sent to the Competition and Markets Authority, demanding that the CMA step in and simplify the process for students complaining and seeking compensation for poor education provision during the pandemic. This letter received national press coverage.

Find out more on the campaign page.


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