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Cost of Living Updates: President Welfare & Inclusivity

Your latest update on work by Kira Orchard, President Welfare and Inclusivity, for the Cost of Living crisis.

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As a team, we are more than aware of how the cost-of-living crisis has been affecting every student in unique ways. We have been advocates of the student voice in every meeting we have attended, and I want to reassure anyone reading that we are doing everything within our power.  

On this note, here are some details about what I’ve been doing as your President of Welfare and Inclusivity on the cost-of-living crisis. 

  • I have been taking specific examples of how the cost-of-living crisis is affecting students’ mental health and academic abilities into the relevant meetings. I attend a ‘Partnership Cost of Living group’ in which we have members of staff from FXPlus, Falmouth University, University of Exeter and the Students’ Union talking about how to support our students locally. 

  • As a president team, we’ve collated evidence and identified key themes in which we have been lobbying FXPlus and the institutions for change. Topics such as price of food on campus, parking, accommodation and many more. These conversations are still ongoing, and we are always welcoming of anyone wanting to share their experiences. 

  • I have been looking at how the cost-of-living crisis unproportionally affects those at the intersections of disadvantages. This includes looking at what further support the institutions can give to their students who face an unfair disadvantage in today’s cost-of-living crisis. 

I have also been discussing ways in which to put money back into the student’s pocket.  

  • Whilst the ‘We Bleed’ campaign was originally set up to tackle period shame and poverty, it has developed into a brilliant example of one way we can reduce the cost to living for our students on campus. Thank you to everyone who has provided feedback so far, and I will hopefully have a more substantial update about the campaign soon! 

There are other projects I am working on which I will hopefully be able to talk more about soon, but I am currently working with the universities to gain funding for projects. 

As always, both our inboxes ( and the office is open for any student to come in and talk to us, or message us on Instagram @supresidents

You can also find out more information in our Cost of Living Crisis Hub.

- Kira Orchard (President Welfare & Inclusivity)


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