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Becoming more sustainable through banking

Through the Here Together Strategy, our organisation values, and the profile of sustainability amongst our student community, The SU is reflecting on areas of the organisation that could be more sustainable. One of these areas includes selecting who we choose to bank with.

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Informed by student feedback highlighting the benefits of swapping banking provision to ethical providers, the Board of Trustees have decided to change the banking provider used by The SU.

We are pleased to share that The SU will be transferring all banking operation to The Co-Operative Bank as "the Co-Op was the first UK high street bank to introduce a customer-led Ethical Policy in 1992 and the bank continues to work to tackle climate change and promote human rights” and many of our strategic goals, values, and community-focused purpose align.

We are currently in the process of changing our finances to The Co-Operative Bank as it will take a few months to complete but we wanted to share this progress with you as early as possible to keep you informed and updated on the union’s progress in sustainable practices.

If you would like to discuss The SU’s progress in changing banks or anything relating to sustainability and ethical practices, our inbox is always open to you at

If you’re interested in learning more about Trustees and our responsibilities, you can visit the Board of Trustees webpage.

Oll an gwella (all the best),

Lauren Taylor, SU President Student Experience and Chair of the Board of Trustees

Georgi Griškeviciene, SU President Exeter

Luke Court, SU President Falmouth

Kira Orchard, SU President Welfare & Inclusivity



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